Financing brokerage: how to find the right real estate loan

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If you want to buy a house or a flat, you need financing that is secure and tailored to your circumstances. Only very few buyers are able to pay the total sum completely out of their own capital. John Doe Real Estate is also a powerful partner at your side when it comes to this problem. We offer you a financing brokerage tailored to your needs.

Due to many years of successful activity in Aachen, we have a broad network of regional and national financial service providers who often offer you special conditions.

Why are real estate loans brokered by us often cheaper?

Despite extremely low interest rates and transparency in the market, the effective costs for a real estate loan can differ greatly. The magazine "Finanztest" determined that the differences can add up to 62,000 euros depending on the lender and type of loan (issue 4/2018). At the same time, the testers were able to verify that a brokered real estate loan is usually cheaper than if the identical product is concluded directly with the respective bank. Why?

Better conditions due to long-standing partnership

Due to our long-standing partnership with regional and also supra-regional banks - and the resulting brokerage of a large number of real estate loans - John Doe Real Estate has developed a veritable starting point for negotiating conditions. This means: Many financial service providers grant clients referred by us significantly better general conditions than other private individuals.

Financial institutions save the costs caused by unsuccessful consultations

These better conditions are based, on the one hand, on trusting relationships that have been built up over many years and, on the other hand, on the simple fact that banks can assume that clients referred by us are seriously interested. This saves the banks time and money for many consultations that do not lead to the conclusion of a contract.

We provide you with the necessary overview


John Doe Real Estate only puts you in contact with the respective bank or financial service providers we consider to be serious and trustworthy. We ourselves are not involved in the actual financing. The advantage for you, however, is clearly that you can choose the one that suits you best from a range of providers - without having to make initial appointments with each individual bank in order to compare the various offers.

The Real Estate Credit Directive, which came into force in March 2016, obliges banks and credit institutions to carry out more stringent checks on the creditworthiness of the applicant. This is to ensure that the real estate loan can be repaid in full and on time. Clients referred by us do not have to fear a negative decision.

With us you keep a clean credit history

With its service module of financing brokerage, John Doe Real Estate ensures that your credit history remains white. If you submit a financing enquiry to Bank A, Bank B and Bank C, these enquiries will be recorded in your credit history. So there is a risk that Bank D, at the latest, will no longer talk to you because your Schufa score is negative. You can only avoid this automatism if you make Schufa-neutral condition enquiries.

Benefit from our financially strong partners

Trust plays a decisive role in financing a property. Therefore, it is understandable if you turn first to your bank - because you have known the advisor personally for years. Nevertheless, take a look at the financing offers by John Doe Real Estate in Aachen. And let us convince you of better conditions and more favourable interest rates.

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