Commercial real estate in Aachen: The future is already happening today

There are two reasons why the city and region of Aachen can be said to be economically prosperous in the future as well: On the one hand, a highly efficient science and research landscape is growing around the renowned university hospital and on the campuses of the Technical University of Aachen, which is exemplary and future-oriented in its on-site implementation in technical applications. On the other hand, Aachen with its excellent location in the heart of Europe is developing into a hot spot for the logistics industry - also because there is still space available here. As a broad-based real estate agent from Aachen, John Doe Real Estate is therefore not only involved in the brokerage of houses and flats - we can also help you if you are looking for commercial properties in Aachen.

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Offices - Office Complex

Type of property Offices Basic rent 6.972 €

Office and surgery rooms: You will find the right working atmosphere with us

Modernes Farbrikgebäude

Our range of office and surgery spaces is multi-faceted - both in terms of size and location.

In the city center, still the most sought-after location, we can offer you small units with a good floor plan as well as more spacious square metres that can be divided if desired. Properties with several interconnecting rooms make excellent practice spaces.

The central addresses are perfectly connected to public transport and are very easy to reach on foot.

Shops and restaurants: get your business idea off to a successful start

For some time now, the press has been covering the category "small success stories" about founders of new businesses and start-ups who assert their place in the market with creative ideas in small shop spaces in central locations. We have included shop and restaurant spaces in high-frequency locations in our offer, which directly bring the potential for the successful implementation of new business ideas. In Aachen, an increase of around 135,000 (predominantly young) households is expected by 2030. A conceivably good prognosis for an economically positive development of your project.

Warehouses and logistics space: Secure a place for now and later

Kontaktinformationen für den Immobilienverkauf

The geographical "favourable location" (as the local Chamber of Industry and Commerce calls it) is fuelling the growth of the logistics sector in the Aachen region. The commercial sites in the conurbations and metropolises such as Düsseldorf and Cologne are full and can hardly be expanded. Benefit from the booming logistics location of Aachen with the warehouses and logistics properties we offer, which will guarantee you decisive advantages for your business in the long term. All our warehouse properties meet high energy standards and can mostly be configured individually.

Rely on John Doe Real Estate's local roots and in-depth knowledge of the market when searching for a commercial property that is right for you. Our broad network helps us to find your desired property quickly. Contact us if you want to put your business idea on an optimal foundation.

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